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CMS-XML DA: Error: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host
This is a Tomcat error. This error will occur whenever a thread has a connection open for a long period of time and some problem causes that connection to drop. For example, a network problem or a remote agent crash.
CMS-XML DA: Error: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host
This error is being raised by Tomcat. This problem will occur whenever a thread has a connection open for a long period of time and a problem outside of Tomcat or the server occurs. For example, a network problem, or the crash of a remove agent may cause this problem.
CMS-XML SDA gives error "SSO Gatekeeper error has occurred: Authentication processing error" with "Invalid federation server"
When trying to open the login screen for Deployment Automation, the user sees the following message: SSO Gatekeeper error has occurred: Authentication processing error . ... Invalid federation server URL: $HTTP_OR_HTTPS://$ HOSTNAME :$PORT/idp/login?wa=wsignin1.0&wreply=http%3A%2F%2Fsoo4%3A8080%2Fserena_ra%2F&wctx=2%3A223680404&wct=2016-06-02T20%
PDF Serena Deployment Automation
For this example, install the agent on the same machine as your server . ... 5. In Server Details, Hostname or Address,enterlocalhost if you are installing on the server machine. Any errors during installation are displayed in the final page of the installer. ... In addition to importing new component versions to the deployment repository, users can view the contents of specific versions. ... 3. Click Download toviewthefilecontents; open the file from your download location.
CMS-XML SDA: How to setup email notifications when an approval is required?
Mail Server Host - hostname or IP address of the SMTP mail server Mail Server Port - which port is used by the mail server software (default 25) Secure Mail Server Connection - Does this mail server require a secure connection Mail Server Sender Address - Which email address is used as the "from" address of these messages Mail Server Username - If the mail server requires a login with a known username , provide it Mail Server Password - Goes with above username , if required
CMS-XML DA: Request to run a Global Process using curl
The syntax to request a global process is something like the following: curl -i http://<da- server - hostname >:<da-HTTP-port>/da/rest/process/request -H "Content-Type: application/json" -- user < username >:<password> -d '{processId: "<process-ID>",properties: "Object",resource: "<agent-name>"}' Where:
CMS-XML DA configured with SSO gives error 403 - Forbidden at logon
In the lower portion of the screen add the hostname of the DA server . If your users typically use only the hostname, that is fine. If they are likely to sometimes use a hostname with fully qualified domain name, then you may wish to add it both ways.
CMS-XML WebSocket console error, can't connect to Deployment Automation using proxy HTTP protocol
In this scenario, the connection will probably fail. The browser does not issue the HTTP CONNECT method and when the proxy server forwards a request through the WebSocket to the server , it is expected to strip off the connection header. Because it doesn't know to do that, the handshake will typically fail immediately.
PDF Using JVisualVM to monitor utilization (on Windows server)
c. For Connection , add Hostname ::3333 (or whatever port was used in the above step) d. For Display name we recommend something like SDA JVM.
CMS-XML DA: DA fails to start correctly if Oracle identifier contains a hyphen
When starting Tomcat DA fails to come up correctly and the following message can be found in the Tomcat log: java.sql.SQLRecoverableException: IO Error : Invalid connection string format, a valid format is: " host :port:sid"
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