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CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Component and user variables set in BULD01Ux not passed to submitted JCL
Component and user variables being set in HLLXs BULD01US or BULD01UV are not being passed to the file tailored component build job in the ZMF4ECL interface. They are being passed if the relevant panels are displayed and exits executed in the ISPF interface.
CMS-XML HLLX BULD00US not mapping UserOptions correctly when build component through ZMF4ECL
When you have the HLLX exit BULD00US active it does not pass the userOptions through HLLX properly when building the component through ZMF4ECL.
CMS-XML Data available at the BULD0004and BULD0104 HLLX exit points, is inconsistent depending on where call originated.
Data passed to HLLX exit points for BUILD , is not consistent when called from different clients.
CMS-XML ZDD: Inconsistencies in ISPF and Client Pack invocation of HLLX BULD* routines
Using ISPF as the benchmark, all works well. The BULD0nUS and BULD0nUV exits can be set up to implement the requirements and they are passed to the build procedure in the expected manner. In the following extract, CUSR014 has been set to ‘Y’ in BULD00US, CUSR015 to ‘N’ in BULD01US, V03 to ‘PRESET’ in BULD00UV and V04 to ‘POSTSET’ in BULD01UV.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL to pass BULD01U* variable settings to submitted job
Several customers have 'hidden' component (i.e. USROPnn/CUSRnnn) or custom (i.e. Vnn) variables that they do not wish to display to users. The values associated with these variables can be set in the appropriate BULD01US and/or BULD01UV HLLXs, respectively. When the associated panels or windows have been displayed in ISPF or ZDD these variables are all set in the expected manner when the build job is submitted.
CMS-XML ZMF4ECL: Recompile issues
... We need to look at what exactly the ZMF4ECL client is specifying in any XML Service requests associated with the Back and Cancel buttons. b) It also appears that variables set in BULD01UV and BULD01US are either not being properly executed or the values that they set are not being passed to the recompile jobs.
CMS-XML ZDD: Recompile ignoring DB2 options set by HLLXs BULD0004 and BULD00R1
ZDD: Recompile ignoring DB2 options set by HLLXs BULD0004 and BULD00R1
CMS-XML Multiple builds for new components does not allow for the selection of the BUILD PROC.
When you attempt to perform multiple builds for newly checked in components into a package, the build panel requires a selection for the Language and the Build procedure before continuing. You are able to select a language but not a build procedure (as none is presented to the ZDD user ). Upon selecting finish to run the build, the error message "make a selection in the Drop down list" is issued..
CMS-XML Extended component user option fields not presented to users on 7.1 ZMF Servers
Users connected to ZMF 7.1 servers from a ZDD 8.1.1 ( build 500) client are not presented with the extended component user variables (UserOption101-UserOption7205/CUSR0101-CUSR7205) at component build time. Similar tests running against an 8.1 ZMF Server do show the user options.
CMS-XML Check In with Build - components not selected.
With ZDD 8.1 the check-in happens but the build panel presented does not contain any of the selected components and so the user will then have to perform an extra step to select the component(s) from within the package and perform a build there - not ideal when there are many components. This happens whether we are performing a checkin for multiple members or for just one member.
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