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CMS-XML SSM Started Task gets error SER0603E TCP/IP logons will not be allowed due to an error in passticket initialization
Passtick Initialization was introduced in Changeman ZMF 8.1, but is not part of ChangeMan SSM. However, both products do use SERNET , which is issuing this message. If your site has multiple mainframe Microfocus products ,(formerly SERENA), that use the SERCOMC.LOAD library, then the recommendation is to use a STEPLIB to avoid compatibility issues that can be introduced with different versions of the SERCOMC.LOAD library.
CMS-XML SSM Shutdown after getting SERNET SER0942I SHUTDOWN time reached
SSM Shutdown after getting SERNET SER0942I SHUTDOWN time reached
CMS-XML SSM830: S13E Abends when stopping the SSM task
When a customer shuts down Sernet using a /P stc or a /F stc,SHUT,0 command, Sernet posts the daughter tasks for shutdown, but does not wait for these tasks to return to Sernet before being detached. This can result in S13E abends, and in the case of the SYN application (SSM), may leave the system in an unstable state due to an installed PC hook.
CMS-XML S0C4 encountered in global capture after start of the STC
05.06.33 S0373859 Initialization of ChangeMan SSM RTO in progress. 05.06.35 S0373859 SER0810I SerNet server " initialized and ready for communications 05.06.35 S0373859 SER0824I Attempting to load PAN#1 to determine if feature present; Please ignore any associated CSV003I message.
CMS-XML started task get S878-10 and shuts down rc=16.
12018/07/02 21:01:17.55 SER0800I SerNet - Initialization in progress: CSA=00007000
CMS-XML S0C1 abend possibly related to DESERV
S8GT 17147 18:03:47.14 STC01361 00000294 SER0944I SerNet orderly SHUTDOWN initiated; No grace period; Immediate
CMS-XML Issue integrating ZDD with SSM when MLS is turned ON.
Basically this only lets SEXTON updates these members in this dataset. Now, if you have ZDD installed and you update one of these members in the dataset via ZDD, ZDD wont let you and issues the following message SER4193E (Directory Full) as the SSM STC thinks the SERNET STC ID is updating the member.
CMS-XML SUPERUSER.FILESYS security messages in ChangeMan SSM started task
The following information from ChangeMan ZMF can be followed if your site wishes to eliminate the SUPERUSER.FILESYS messages, however this is not necessary for SSM since SSM does not use this function of SERNET . ---- from zmf Java-HFS guide ---------- Set ZMF User-ID Security for USS File Systems
CMS-XML Effect of IBM APAR OA54807/PTF UA96477 on ChangeMan ZMF/SSM, StarTool FDM/DA/IOO and Comparex
This KB article has been published to confirm that this change has no impact on any release of the following products: ChangeMan ZMF (including Sernet ) ChangeMan SSM
CMS-XML SSM 8.6 started task contains new SERALOG DD for ACTLOG file
The SSM.INSTALL($INIT) job has been updated to define the new ACTLOG data set. While SSM isn’t writing anything into the dataset, the SERNET task is. SSM’s HPSRTO subtask runs as an application under a SERNET instance.
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