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CMS-XML Installing ECP 3.2.1 Maintenance Release 2 Under Windows 2003
Installing ECP 3.2.1 Maintenance Release 2 Under Windows 2003
CMS-XML Approval - Cannot issue Final Approval for 2 linked ZMF packages
Approval - Cannot issue Final Approval for 2 linked ZMF packages
CMS-XML "Link a Package" list empty if only one package matches search
Select Link a Package. Fill out a DS package in "Enter Package Name" (#1). If you search for a ZMF package to link to (# 2 A) and there would be only one package available, the search results return empty. If there is more than one package the search displays the package list correctly.
CMS-XML Sernet Connect service takes a long time to shutdown when stop command issued
When stopping the SerConnect service the service appears to stop but when you attempt to restart it you get a message that the service is already running. This is because it has not finished shutting down from the stop command. If you wait a minute or two and then attempt to start it again it will start up with no errors.
CMS-XML ChangeMan ECP, e-mail notification from ChangeMan z/OS and firewalls
This is supposed to be the IP address of the ChangeMan ECP server. If there is a firewall in between the two servers, however, you may need to change the IP address in this field. It may be necessary to put the external firewall IP address instead of the ECP server address.
CMS-XML USER OPTIONS panel is not displayed when creating a package via ECP.
Field 1 ===> NO Field 2 ===> NO Field 3 ===> NO
CMS-XML Getting access denied when attempting to run the CFGagent on Windows 2000
1. Start > Run 2 . Enter dcomcnfg...the Distributed COM Configuration Properties dialog appears 3. Select the Applications tab, Select the SerConnect application, and click Properties...the SerConnect Properties dialog appears
CMS-XML URL in Approval notification needs have port included
2 . Open the Properties of the servlet vrtual directory and choose the Virtual Directory Tab. 3. For "When connecting to this resource, the content should come from" choose "A redirection to a URL" 4. For "Redirect to:" enter http://changemanecp:8080$V$Q
CMS-XML "g_bFlag is undefined" occurs when browsing component through ECP.
On the Home > Package Search > Package Search Results > Package:Source Components page, Click on the source component this is where the problem occurs, if the source component displays no history through ECP. If you're using IE 5.5 sp 2 as your browser, you will get a warning popup window which I'll describe in a minute.

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